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Things are more plastic than gold. . .
But in dreams. . .
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3rd-Oct-2011 01:41 pm - Writer's Block: Anti-bullying month
Who is the biggest bully in your life? One response chosen at random will win an Amazon Kindle. [contest details] (sponsored by )
I don't have a bully now but I did have two in middle school. I was around 11 and was the quiet one. I always did my homework and paid attention in class. A couple of mean girls who never liked me for reasons I still don't understand thought it was funny to set me up while we were between classes. Getting the books for next class out of my locker, this huge girl with bad breath and an ugly face starts roaring at me for talking bad about her. I told her I never said a word about her (this is very true because I really didn't know her) and then she proceeded to slap me across the face. Furious and dazed, I lunge at this girl and was throwing my fists anywhere it connected. Next thing I know I'm being flung toward a classroom by a teacher that was breaking up the fight. Someone told me my lip was bleeding but I didn't care. I just went to my desk and sat there for a minute trying to put together what just happened.

But that was just the beginning of things with these two girls who thought they could get away with doing that. That's another story.
29th-Apr-2011 07:47 pm - Writer's Block: The Royal Wedding
Absolutely nothing. They can have and get anything they want. I'm tooooo broke to even think to give them anything.
How do memories influence the decisions you make? Is it better to embrace memories, even the painful ones, or cast them off?

Memories is what cultivates a persons' way of thinking. We learn from them if something good or bad happened, we are able to take them and make decisions based on a memory.
What's in your refrigerator right now?

Absolutely nothing. It just broke about two days ago. In the process of getting a slightly used one. . .
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